You should read the following before you decide to use Fund Exchanger exchange service.

The parties of the present agreement are the automatic exchanging service Fund Exchanger, hereinafter referred to as Service.
Any other physical or legal person, who uses services of the Service, hereinafter referred to as User.

The Service rendering agreement, stated below explains the rights and duties of the User as to the access and using the services rendered by the Service, and/or his assignees and/or his representatives and/or partners.
In case of disagreement with the Agreement, User has no right to make operation of an exchange in the Service.

I. Products and services.
1.1. Service renders an automated exchange of electronic payment systems units, between each other.
1.2. Service does not check the competence and legality owning by the User , the monetary funds that are offered by the User for exchange, and does not carry our monitoring of the User operations in any of the electronic payment systems or banking structure (a bank, a credit or investment structure).
1.3. Operation exchange shall be completed since the service transfer funds to the client.
1.4. Operation is automatic exchange and a one-time transaction. Returning transferred funds after the exchange is not possible.
1.5 If it is impossible to complete the payment automatically (no connection to the billing system, not a confirmation of the payment system of payment, etc.), the exchange will be completed within 24 business hours or funds will be returned minus payment system fee.
1.6. Service is not a party in the relationship between the sender and receiver, and may not be the guarantor of the transactions between the sender and recipient of funds.

II. Transactions and operations.
2.1. Forbidden use the service for undertaking fraudulent operation or illegal income. Using Service, User complies with that that any attempt of the changing the fraudulent capital will have a criminal prosecution on whole strictnesses of the law. Administration of the Service will give information on like payment law-enforcement organ, administrations of the payment systems, as well as victim fraud on first requirement (in that event if information on made operations was not removed and available to use).
2.2. Administration of the Service has an absolute right to refuse in use the services of any violator rule data, as well as any User, on which there is compla_r claim from law-enforcement organ, administrations of the payment systems or user of one of the payment systems.
2.3. The Service has a right to suspend changing the facilities until user will not give their own passport data and will not is installed personality of the user..

III. Guarding, access.
3.1. All information (e-mail, account numbers) provided by the client in transaction is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations: at the request of law enforcement authorities, by court order, at the request of the Administration of one of the payment systems.

Attention! Administration of the Service reserves a right to make any amendments and changes to the rules of product (services) usage , as well as service and access to services , including the present Agreement. Administration of the Service reserves a right to suspend service rendering to the User with notice of the violator on e-mail.