About Payeer

PAYEER is a payment system such as PayPal, Neteller or Moneybookers with which you pay money worldwide and can receive. The result is a free e-wallet that you can use like a bank account to pay on the internet. Payment providers such PAYEER are becoming increasingly popular because it is often cheaper and faster international money send and receive and is more accepted abroad as a referral of its conventional banking.

Many websites and companies offer their partners and affiliates to a payment of commission directly to the PAYEER account, the payments are available in a few minutes then.

The advantage of this payment provider is clearly in the speed. And have become indispensable for anyone on the Internet where to pay or receive money want.

The PAYEER eWallet in detail:

  • Free Account (eWallet)
  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Send money by e-mail to other users (free)
  • High acceptance and safety
  • Currency account (USD, RUB, EUR, BTC)
  • received anonymously and pay securely and money
  • 24h E-Mail-Support
  • In more than 200 countries
  • Free deposit and withdrawal options